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The Sun Magazine: Karen Greenwood

Taken from Sy Safransky's Notebook from the March 2007 issue of The Sun Magazine.

Read by Karen Greenwood: "The following quote speaks to me because as a yoga teacher, I seek to live and teach from a place of quiet presence, rather than routine." Karen, physical therapist and "Anusara-Inspired" yoga teacher, is a life-long student of sport and dance. Yoga found her in the mid-1990s and soon became her primary movement expression. She assumed the directorship of Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage in 2007.

Sy Safransky, editor and founder of The Sun Magazine, writes of perseverance:

"When I started The Sun, passion was all I had. I was young and broke but determined to keep the magazine alive, so I welcomed the challenge of staying up all night to finish an issue.... Thirty-three years later, ... I try to be fully present, whether I'm reading a stack of submissions ... or recycling my trash at the end of the day. I try to remember that the innumerable details involved in publishing The Sun are no less a part of my spiritual path than sitting cross-legged in meditation or getting on my knees to pray. I also try to keep in mind something the spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti once said, 'I do yoga every day' -- he meant every day for fifty years -- 'but I've never made a habit of it.'"

Thank you for the reminder to be mindful in all that we do. And thank you for sharing.
# Posted By Jill Brekken | 3/27/09 10:02 AM